Howdy! I’m a designer. I just graduated in June of 2018 with degrees in Design and Sociology from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. I’ve spent the last year at Spruce Up as a UX Designer. I was born and raised in Kirkland, WA, and am currently located and working in the greater Seattle area.

Before moving to Design, I spent a lot of time with landscape and portrait photography. See here for the archive of my landscape work. At Western, I started in the studio art major, taking many art history courses, before switching to Design. This background has given me a broad knowledge base of visual history of various parts of the world. For the past two years, I have devoted myself to my design work in the design major at Western. I have learned through my work both with campus publications and schoolwork that I have a love for print publications, be it books or magazines. With my background in research and statistics from sociology, I also have a knack for UX research, development, and design. I’ve learned a lot about UX in my year at Spruce Up and I look forward to pursuing more UX opportunities.

In my free time you can catch me biking around town, learning about LGBT history, and hanging out with my pets (1 cat, 1 dog, and a bunch of fish and shrimp).